Delaware Wine


Today is Friday!

I tried Delaware wine from Kumamoto, Japan.

It’s my first time to drink Delaware grape variety wine.

It’s dry white wine of pale yellow green colour.

The intensity of wine is light with aroma of lemon, green apple and pear.

It’s very refreshing wine with good acidity.

Easy to pair with many different kinds of foods and quite nice.

Have a nice weekend everyone! Cheers~☺︎

Kumamoto Wine

In this summer, I had chance to visit Kumamoto wine shop in Kumamoto city in Japan.

At there, I got to try Kikuka Chardonnay of 3 kinds (Unoaked, Oak aged, Oak fermented and Oak aged).

Oak fermented and Oak aged Chardonnay was suprisingly oaky.

I personally liked their unoaked Chardonnay the best because it’s easy to pair with food.

So I bought back some to Hong Kong.

Summer is going to end soon and today I felt like trying the rose sparkling wine at home named “Atsu” which I bought back from Kumamoto wine shop as well.

This rose sparkling wine is made in traditional method like Champagne.

It was nice to drink on its own.

Off dry and very refreshing with aroma of lemon, grapefruits, cherry and blossom.

There are many Japanese wines I need to discover in the future.

I’d love to visit Yamanashi prefecture in Japan someday and try Koshu wine over there.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.