Easy Peasy Apple Pie


Do you like to eat apple pie?

Actually you can make at home very easily with pre-made pie crust!


This time I used half of the pie crust for the bottom and half of the pie crust for decoration on the top.


For filling, you can simmer sliced apple with sugar.

If you like you can add a little butter and cinnamon to add flavour (optional).

I put a little bit of honey to reduce amount of sugar.


After simmering apple, you can spread half of pie crust to heat-resistant dish.

Then put filling and decorate on the top with pie crust which cut in slices.

This time, I placed pie crust slices in mesh pattern in the middle and wavy around the dish.

You can put beaten egg york on the top to make it shiny and looks better as well.

After finish bake in 180℃ oven for about 20 minutes.


It’s great to eat hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream for dessert in autumn.

My family loves it very much.


You can try to make it if you find nice apple in the market.

Seems that hard American apple is more suitable for making apple pie than soft apple like Fuji.


For wine paring, you can pair with wine like apple cider or sweet sparkling wine like Asti Spumante.