Domaine d’Estoublon 2016

Today’s wine is Domaine d’Estoublon 2016 from Alpilles, France.

It’s off dry white wine with medium acidity and buttery texture.

With aroma of lemon, pear, yellow apple, mineral and honey suckle.

The grape varieties are Roussanne, Marssanne and Grenache Blanc.

This wine is great to drink on it’s own as well as drinking with cheese, charcuterie and bread.

Very good quality wine.

I love relaxing and drinking white wine in Friday night after a week of work.


Sauvignon Blanc 2018 Pays d’Oc, France

Today’s wine is Sauvignon Blanc 2018 from Pays d’Oc, France.

I bought in super market in Hong Kong for around HKD100 with buy one get one free.

It’s refreshing and easy drinking dry white wine with aroma of lemon, lime, green apple and pear.

It’s inexpensive wine so you can either drink with dinner, make cocktail or use for cooking.

All works fine.

It’s nice to have something to drink in Friday night.


Nebbiolo from Langhe, Italy

Happy Friday!

Today’s wine is Nebbiolo from Langhe, Italy.

I bought this wine from M&S in HK.

Pale garnet colour with medium intensity.

With aroma of strawberry, red cherry, plum and mushroom.

The wine has a medium(+) tannin even though pale in colour.

It’s nice to drink a glass of wine and relax at home in Friday night.


Comenge 2006 – Ribera del Duero, Spain


Today’s wine is Comenge from Ribera del Duero in Spain.

I love to drink Tempranillo wine.

Complex and good value for its quality.

It’s full body red wine with garnet colour.

It’s medium(+) intensity wine with medium(+) acidity and high tannin.

ABV is 14% however doesn’t feel so heavy.

Fruity wine with aroma of black berry, red cherry, plum, cassis and bell pepper.

It’s well matured and there is a hint of chocolate and earthy aroma as well.

I paired with western food at home such as steak, stuffed mashroom and garlic bread.

Delaware Wine


Today is Friday!

I tried Delaware wine from Kumamoto, Japan.

It’s my first time to drink Delaware grape variety wine.

It’s dry white wine of pale yellow green colour.

The intensity of wine is light with aroma of lemon, green apple and pear.

It’s very refreshing wine with good acidity.

Easy to pair with many different kinds of foods and quite nice.

Have a nice weekend everyone! Cheers~☺︎

How to preserve left over wine? Vacuum system

How to preserve your wine once it’s opened?

There are some ways to do that.

But I found vacuum pump is easiest and cheapest.

You just have to place stopper on top of the bottle and pump it for around 10 times.

You can pump out the air to avoid oxidation of wine.

You can keep your wine fresh for days after opening!

Cheers~ ☺︎

Half Bottle Wine – Yellow Tail Merlot


In Hong Kong, we can buy 375ml half bottle size wines in convenience stores and super markets.

If you want to drink just a glass of wine, it’s very useful.

I found Yellow Tail Merlot in super market and I had with Chinese BBQ pork for dinner.

Fruity and easy drinking dry red wine with black berry, plum, chocolate aromas.

Great match with Chinese food. 

Have a nice weekend everyone!  Cheers~☺︎