Devon Greco Di Tufo 2017


Happy Friday Night!

Today’s wine is Devon Greco Di Tufo 2017 from Taurasi, Campania in Southern Italy.

I bought this wine another day from an Italian grocery store in Hong Kong for about HKD250.

It’s refleshing dry white wine with aroma of lemon, yellow apple, yellow peach and pineapple.

Main grape variety is Greco.

It’s great to have it with my favourite truffle cheese and sesame grissini.

Have a nice weekend everyone!


Wine Rally @ Repulse Bay in Hong Kong Report ③ Wines



At Wine Rally, I tasted 15 wines from new world and old world including sparkling wine, white wine and red wine.

I had chance to taste below wines;

Sparkling: Procecco

White: Chablis, Graves, Riesling from Rheinhessen, Sauvignon Blanc from Loire Valley, Verdejo wine from Spain, Sauvignon Blanc from Bordeaux

Red: Lafite Cabernet, Margaux, Amarone della Valpolicella from Italy(Corvina grape based blend), Chateauneuf-Du-Pape, Rioja from Spain, Cabernet Sauvignon from Margaret River, Carmenere from Chile

Especially I liked these 3 wines. All great value for quality.

  1. Las Huertas Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 from Barons de Rothchild (Lafite) -very fruity       black and red fruits aroma red wine from Colcagua Valley, Chile.
  2. 2014 Le Margaux du Chateau de Malleret-Merlot based blend with aroma of dark cherry, plum, smoke and leather.
  3. Chateau des Graves 2012- aromatic Sauvignon Blanc from Graves in Bordeaux


There was no sale for bottle at the site but we could order separately from the wine shops.

It was very fun night tasting many kinds of wine from different countries.

I also drank a glass of Hennessy whiskey cocktail.

I woke up hangover this morning but it was all worth it..

Wine Rally @ Repulse Bay in Hong Kong Report ① Atmosphere

Yesterday, I went to join the Wine Rally event with my friend in Repulse Bay, Hong Kong.

The venue was outside of the Verandah restaurant.

Wine Rally is a outdoor wine tasting event and I heard that it’s hold once a year.

We had chance to taste over 60 wines from old world and new world together with Hennessy whiskey cocktails.

Also there were delicious buffet including oysters, pan-fried foie gras, BBQ, cheeses, and desserts.

They had raffle draw as well at the end as well.

The atmosphere was great with ocean view and light breeze.

Everyone was chatting, relaxing and enjoying nice wines and foods on Friday night!

Easy Peasy Shepherd’s Pie


Do you like Shepherd’s Pie?

Shepherd’s Pie is an English home cooking.

Actually you can make good one at home using gravy powder!


Firstly you can make mashed potato just boiling peeled potato and mashing it adding milk, butter and a little of salt and pepper.


And you make filling.

For filling you can use minced beef (or minced lamb if you like) and some vegetable.

You can put vegetable mix or anything.

I like to put many vegetables so this time I put onion, green peas, sweet corn,  tomato and mushroom. (Basically what I found in fridge)

You can pan fry chopped onion, minced beef(or lamb), and other chopped vegetable and after fried well then add some gravy (gravy sauce or gravy powder+water).


After finish you can put filling to heat-resistant dish and on top cover with mashed potato.

You can put some pattern in mashed potato with fork.


After you put pattern, bake in 190℃~200℃ oven for around 20 minutes until surface become a little golden brown.


You can pair Shepherd’s Pie with medium to full body white or light body red.

This time I pair with Chenin Blanc from South Africa.


Enjoy cooking!  Cheers~☺

Easy Peasy Grilled Chiken (Herb&Lemon Flavour)


Another day, I received herb salt for souvenir from France.

So I wanted to make use of it and made grilled chicken for dinner.

It’s very easy just marinate the chicken and grill it in the oven!


You can use any kinds of chicken.  This time I used chicken leg.


Firstly, you can wash the chicken (just in case) and take away the water with kitchen paper.

Then seasons chicken with salt and pepper.

After seasoning with salt and pepper, put in marinade sauce made with herb salt (or herb mix), lemon juice and minced garlic.

You can marinate in a plastic bag or in a bowl for over 3 hours.

After 3 hours, you can just grill in 190~200℃ oven for about 20 minutes.

You can grill some vegetable together as well.

This time I grilled Asparagus together.


It’s very easy but taste like you eat in a restaurant.

You can pair with light white wine and enjoy it.



Easy Peasy Apple Pie


Do you like to eat apple pie?

Actually you can make at home very easily with pre-made pie crust!


This time I used half of the pie crust for the bottom and half of the pie crust for decoration on the top.


For filling, you can simmer sliced apple with sugar.

If you like you can add a little butter and cinnamon to add flavour (optional).

I put a little bit of honey to reduce amount of sugar.


After simmering apple, you can spread half of pie crust to heat-resistant dish.

Then put filling and decorate on the top with pie crust which cut in slices.

This time, I placed pie crust slices in mesh pattern in the middle and wavy around the dish.

You can put beaten egg york on the top to make it shiny and looks better as well.

After finish bake in 180℃ oven for about 20 minutes.


It’s great to eat hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream for dessert in autumn.

My family loves it very much.


You can try to make it if you find nice apple in the market.

Seems that hard American apple is more suitable for making apple pie than soft apple like Fuji.


For wine paring, you can pair with wine like apple cider or sweet sparkling wine like Asti Spumante.