Easy Peasy Shepherd’s Pie


Do you like Shepherd’s Pie?

Shepherd’s Pie is an English home cooking.

Actually you can make good one at home using gravy powder!


Firstly you can make mashed potato just boiling peeled potato and mashing it adding milk, butter and a little of salt and pepper.


And you make filling.

For filling you can use minced beef (or minced lamb if you like) and some vegetable.

You can put vegetable mix or anything.

I like to put many vegetables so this time I put onion, green peas, sweet corn,  tomato and mushroom. (Basically what I found in fridge)

You can pan fry chopped onion, minced beef(or lamb), and other chopped vegetable and after fried well then add some gravy (gravy sauce or gravy powder+water).


After finish you can put filling to heat-resistant dish and on top cover with mashed potato.

You can put some pattern in mashed potato with fork.


After you put pattern, bake in 190℃~200℃ oven for around 20 minutes until surface become a little golden brown.


You can pair Shepherd’s Pie with medium to full body white or light body red.

This time I pair with Chenin Blanc from South Africa.


Enjoy cooking!  Cheers~☺

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