Studying for WSET

Since end of last year to mid of this year, I studied WSET courses in Hong Kong.

I studied Level 1 in Spirits and Level 1~3 in Wines.

Also I took 1 session of wine and cheese paring class for fun.

Level 3 in Wines was quite difficult to study for the exam while working full time but luckily passed.

There was wide areas to memorise including principal natural and human factors in the vineyard, still wines producing regions of the world as well as sparkling and fortified wines.

The theory test consists 50 multiple choice questions and short written questions.

And there was wine tasting test (1 red and 1 white) as well.

Below is how I studied for WSET Level 3 exam in outside of class.

For theory exam;

  1. Read through text book for few times
  2. Made Note for each chapter for only important points
  3. Practiced multiple question in workbook and short written question in workbook/ handout from tutor
  4. Watched some youtube videos and listened free podcast in spare time when I don’t feel like studying ⇒Recommended to listen podcast from ThirtyFifty  ThirtyFifty’s Level 3 Wine Podcast
  5. Used free flash cards from online ⇒Recommended to to use flash card provided by Napa Valley Wine Academy  NVWA WSET LEVEL 3 flashcards

For tasting exam;

  1. Practiced to write tasting note at home in same time flame like exam condition.


Hope above information is useful for you if you are planning to study for WSET.



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